Dropped your keys in a puddle?  Adjust your belt while your hands are covered in motor oil?  Don't worry, your goods can handle it!  There's no fear of these things doing any damage to your Outlast good.  However, we understand that accidents happen, and sometimes marks and scuffs are unavoidable.

Use a damp cloth to wipe away dirt and grime.  You can also add a little soap for more persistent marks.  Water may darken the leather, but let this serve as a reminder of a more carefree time.  To increase water and stain resistance, we recommend using a simple leather wax or oil.

Leather Aging

Our family tannery produces leather that is naked, meaning it has no artificial finishes that mask the true leather.  So, any piece you get from us will pick up oils and moisture from your daily activities, burnishing the surface and developing a unique and beautiful patina that actually makes the leather more durable.