The Story

Above all else, Outlast is based on craft and family.  Well, that, and an appreciation for simple design, beautiful materials, and supporting the local community.  Oh, and the enjoyment of physically making things.  There's actually a lot that inspires Outlast, but family heritage and traditional craftsmanship are our foundation.

Backed by literal centuries of Meyer family history in the tanning industry, Outlast founder Stephen Meyer used his years of working with leather, amateur bookbinding skills, and original design ideas to make his first wallet.  Drawing on the natural character and beauty of the vegetable-tanned leather he hand selects from the family tannery, he felt the material needed to be appreciated for exactly what it was - unique.  This led to the creation of new designs for numerous different applications that accentuated the natural textures, individual colors, and wearability of the leather.


The Community

Born and raised in the Hudson Valley, the culture and residents of the staid region have had a significant impact on everything from our appreciation of the arts and nature to our love for local food, brews, and music.  It's our goal to support and give back to our community as much as it has given us.  As we grow and prosper, we plan to do everything we can to help the Hudson Valley remain as vibrant, beautiful, and diverse as it can be.

The Brothers

Stephen and Noah have been brothers their whole lives.  In spite of that, they decided to embark on this venture together.

With a degree in history, a love of the outdoors and science fiction, and an appreciation for well crafted and practical goods, founder Stephen Meyer envisioned Outlast Goods to be a home of well-made, unique, quality items for everyday use.

Noah Meyer is a musician and amateur naturalist.  Although he does not work at the tannery, Outlast is his way to stay involved in the family tradition.  A respect for craft, functionality, and natural beauty motivated Noah to join Outlast. 

Outlast Goods are made for life, with the quality to last, design to be functional, and craftsmanship to back it up.  

So, put your money away, keep your pants on, and pick up some goods made to Outlast.